Frequently Asked Questions

See some of the questions asked frequently

The internship takes place online which gives room for everyone to participate from anywhere in the country

The internship spans for 8 weeks in total. 4 weeks for the training and another 4 weeks for the bootcamp where interns get to make use of all they’ve learnt and work on real life tasks for businesses

Yes, you can register to learn as many times as you can.

Interns who make it to the Side Hustle talent pool are automatically linked up with businesses whenever there’s any available task on the platform.

Yes, the internship is free. Although there is an optional Bootcamp where interns get to work on real-life projects after the internship which costs 5,000

To aid effective learning, interns are not allowed to register for more than one course during the internship. However, you can always register for the next cohort to learn an entirely new skill.

The bootcamp is where interested interns are tasked with forming teams and working on world class projects that will be used in the real world, from start to finish, after which they’ll present their tasks in front of a live audience. The bootcamp phase of the internship isn’t compulsory for anyone and comes at a fee of 5000 naira. Some of the past projects from the bootcamp include:

This is an internship to equip youths to increase their chances of becoming employable. We will share job opportunities with our interns. However, this internship is not an employment scheme.

Only high performing interns will earn performance based stipends and perks in their respective tracks.

Mint digital bank is a registered bank in Nigeria and also our financial partner for this internship. If you’d like to receive stipends, you need to create a Mint digital bank account as all payments will be made only through Mint. However, if you don’t want to receive stipends, you can skip the bank registration process.

The internship will take place on the Side Hustle internship dashboard, Google Meet as well as the telegram group.