Customer Relations Management

Customer service is one of the high demand jobs in Nigeria and beyond. Whether you are trained as a professional or as an entrepreneur. Customer Relation Management is important for effective communication and satisfaction to your customers. Customer Service helps you to understand the customer need and want, expectation, provide outstanding services and maintain a good relationship through the retainment process.

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The Internship starts 21st June

Course Information

CRM Students will receive an introduction to customer relations principles including the concepts and practices for delighting customers in ways that lead to effective customer satisfaction. The basics of customer relations functions, describe ideal characteristics of good customer relations and apply them to individuals in both small and large retail organizations. Customer relations is the front line interface between an organization and its constituents. How customers are greeted and treated can influence decisions to do business with a particular retail enterprise. Effective customer relations strategies include effective listening, oral and written communication, analytical and problem-solving skills and teamwork based on the organization's commitment to meet customer needs while making customers feel welcome and valued. Customer service in this class is focused on applications and recognition of professional skills and culture required in a retail environment to provide outstanding customer service. In conclusion, the student will also learn how to deliver outstanding service to the customer via technological means and monetizing CRM

Course Overview
  • Class Schedule: Monday - Saturday (9am - 3pm)
  • Lesson videos will be available (online and Offline)
  • All Levels with simple projects
  • Delivery Mode: Mentors-led & Practical based, Flexible
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Certification
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  • Introduction
    • Customer Service
  • Basic Concepts of CRM
    • Understanding the Role of Customer Relationship
    • Case Study
  • Planning and Implementing
    • Planning and Implementing CRM Projects through Team Management
  • CRM via Technology
    • CRM Tools
    • Monetizing CRM


Be Mentored by some of the best in the industry

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Oni Oluwadamilola

Customer Service Expert

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Marcel Marizu

Customer Service Expert


Be Mentored by some of the best in the industry


4 weeks of intensive training
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The Internship starts 21st June